Experience & Qualifications

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I have played guitar for close to 30 years and have taught music technology (recording/production), music theory, and music history at the university level for ten years. I have been teaching guitar lessons over the past 20 years and enjoy working privately with students of all ages and at all levels. I am equally comfortable teaching classical, jazz, pop/rock, and folk/blues. In addition to my university teaching, I have also taught private theory lessons to students at all levels and have successfully prepared students for Royal Conservatory theory exams as well as a post-secondary audition.

In lessons, my goals are to build a comfortable rapport with students and teach students with music that they enjoy. I go out of my way to find music and learning resources that will be interesting, challenging, and appealing to students, rather than sticking exclusively to what can be found in a textbook. In each lesson, I set one reachable goal that a student will be able to achieve within the lesson’s duration and assign a realistic amount of work to be practised at home.

In terms of my university teaching, most recently, I was a full-time visiting professor of Music Technology and Music Composition and Director of the Recording Studio at Clark University in Worcester, MA for three years from 2015-2018. My playing and compositional work have been performed at venues across Canada and the US and have been broadcast nationwide on CBC Radio 2. I have a PhD in Music Composition from University at Buffalo (State University of New York), an MA in Composition from York University and a BA in Music from Carleton University.


Je joue de la guitare depuis 30 ans et j’ai enseigné des cours de la technologie musicale (production et enregistrement), la théorie musicale et l’histoire de la musique au niveau universitaire pour 10 ans. J’enseigne des cours de guitare depuis 20 ans. J’aime travailler dans les cours privés avec des étudiants qui ont n’importe quel âge et sont à n’importe quel niveau. Je suis à l’aise avec la musique classique, le jazz, le rock/pop et la musique folklorique.

Dans les leçons, mon but c’est d’établir un bon rapport avec l’élève. Je prends des efforts pour trouver des partition et ressources qui seraient intéressants, difficile mais motivants et attirants pour les élèves et j’enseigne toujours des morceaux qu’ils aiment.

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